VW will be putting Ducati up for sale
December 7, 2020 Off

VW will be putting Ducati up for sale

By MRWadmin

In 2012 Ducati was bought by automotive giants Volkswagen (VW). Now it seems as though VW will be putting the Italian motorcycle manufacturer up for sale. The reason for the sale is that VW is reorganising its brand to focus their resources on the production of greener, mass-market automobiles.  

According to Reuters, it would seem that Ducati is not being sold as a single entity as it is believed that VW is also parting ways with luxury automobile manufacturer Lamborghini, as well as the engineering arm Italdesign. When speaking to Reuters Chief Executive Officer Herbert Diess said that “We are, let’s say, bringing it into a legal structure where we could act … it’s probably a bit of a slower process, but it’s on our agenda,”

While this sale might not seem like good news for Ducati it could prove promising. In the past, we have seen many a rendering of a Ducati/Lamborghini Hybrid motorcycle, as well as a partnership with Ducati in MotoGP and this sale could be the start of something magnificent. In fact, A new collaboration between the two has just been released in the form of the new Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini. We will just have to wait, pray, and see if these collaborations continue to happen. 

There are however some other things to consider. While the large Japanese manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki all have their huge production plant and mass manufacturing to fall back on, Ducati has relied heavily on the Financial input of Volkswagen over the last 8 years. That being said VW didn’t seem to have too much control in terms of Ducati’s production, at least not from what we could see.

As some might remember in 2015 Volkswagen was involved in a rather large emission scandal known as diesel gate. While this did not directly affect the Italian manufacturer at the time, Ducati did suffer as a result of the ripple effect and this could very well be the reason for the restructuring and therefore the sale of Ducati. 

Something else to take into account is that because of the zero-emission direction that vehicle manufacturing is going, it is unlikely that other large 4-wheel corporations would be willing to buy Ducati as they haven’t shown much interest in going green. That being said, the name Ducati is still one that is found very desirable which could help lure prospective buyers.

What exactly will happen with Ducati is yet to be seen, but all that we can hope for is that someone does buy Ducati so that they can continue to innovate and build some of the best and most beautiful bikes that we have come to love over the years.