HERO Motorcycles now in SA!
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HERO Motorcycles now in SA!

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The biggest selling 2-wheeled brand has arrived in SA.

Hero Moto Corp earlier also known as “Hero Honda” is one of India’s first motorcycle manufacturers. The company has seen many ups and downs throughout their life span up till now. It is clear that the motorcycles by Hero are built to last. They are majorly known for their fuel economy and cost.

In 1956 a still renowned brand “Hero Cycles” came into power. Soon after Munjal brothers founded the cycle company in 1975 it became the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the entire nation.

Nobody could stop the attention of international automakers “Hero Cycles” grabbed. After that came the Honda of Japan in 1983. Both of the brands were class-leading in their nations. Hero and Honda had to come to a conclusion and contracts where they collaborated. Soon after their alliance the very next year, in 1984 Hero Honda was born.

Honda chose Hero in India because of its wide network and the quality of the products produced by the company. Well, Honda’s decision was spot on and by 2001 Hero Honda motorcycles became the largest motorcycle manufacture globally. 

The Joint venture of Hero and Honda produces some iconic motorcycles. One such motorcycle was the CD100 which also the fist motorcycle manufactured by the brand. Hero Honda was the first company to introduce 4-stroke motorcycles in India. The motorcycles from the giant brand were renowned for their class-leading fuel efficiency, low cost, and their manufacturing quality.

From the start of the 1900s, the company introduced many motorcycles that became popular amongst every age group. Low cost and high fuel economy along with high refinement are what made the company what it is now. Besides the new motorcycles launched over the years Hero Honda got the tag of #1 motorcycle manufacturer in the world in terms of the number of bikes manufactured. The company still maintains the standards to date.

Through the years both Hero and Honda gave their everything. The result can be seen now as the company still holds the crown of the best motorcycle manufacturer in terms of number. But the rising tension between the two companies let to the fall of collaboration between the two companies. In 2011 Honda the Japanese motorcycle sold its 26% shares to the Munjal family. This was the end of one of the successful collaborations in the world.

On 29th July 2011, the name changed from Hero Honda to Hero MotoCorp. The Hero got its new identity form then and a British firm Wolff Olins designed the new logo of the company which is still in use. The logo was showcased on the 9th of April in London to harmonize with the third test cricket match between England and India. 

The Hero X Pulse 200 is an adventure styled bike packed with great tech such as a fuel-injected 4-stroke motor, Bluetooth navigation and LED lights. All for under R40,000

After the joint venture got dissolved the Indian motorcycle manufacturer came up with many innovations that were produced in house. Some of the achievements are the new 110cc engine, the vertical 125cc engine, and the new I3s Tech. Hero introduced the I3S or Idle start-stop function in many of its motorcycles.

Today, Hero MotoCorp produces nearly 9,500 two-wheelers in a day. For instance, nearly 7 motorcycles roll down the production line every minute. In 2017, Hero MotoCorp surpassed the landmark seven million units in cumulative sales in a calendar year. The company sold a record 7207363 units of two-wheelers in the calendar year in 2017.

Hero MotoCorp continues to be the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, in terms of unit volumes sold by a single company in a calendar year, for 19 years in a row. A position that they cherish and celebrate with their nearly 100 million customers across the globe. They continue to design and develop tech-laden, market relevant products for our global customers, which now includes the SA market.

Despite the tough 2020 due to COVID 19, total sales is reported at a mighty 5,91,091 units in November 2020, with a sales growth reported at 14.38 percent YoY.

For more information email info@heromotorcycles.co.za – dealer enquiries welcome!

The Hero X Pulse 200 T is another very exciting model that will be coming into the SA market. Read the first full test in our digital mag issue #5 (Jan 21)

Hero MotoSports Team Rally

Hero MotoSports Team Rally, the rally-racing team of Hero MotoCorp, continues to be the ambassador of Indian motorsport at the global stage. Since its inception in 2016, the Team has captivated the sports’ enthusiasts with its impressive performances at prestigious motorsport events, including the world’s most challenging ‘Dakar Rally’. The Team clinched its first rally win of the year at the 2019 Pan Africa Rally when its Portuguese rider, Joaquim Rodrigues (JRod) emerged victorious in Morocco. The entire Hero family suffered an immense loss last year with the tragic demise of its legendary rider, Paulo Gonçalves, during the Dakar Rally in January 2020.