An R1 With Wings!
August 30, 2020 Off

An R1 With Wings!

By MRWadmin

Yamaha Unveils Petronas MotoGP Limited Edition YZF-R1

The latest edition of R1 is a proper good package, but we would have a little more in terms of design change just to help break the mould from the previous model.

It would have been great if Yamaha have kept up with appearances and slapped some cool looking wings on the fairing of the new model, especially the up-specced R1M model – with it’s dreamy carbon fibre everywhere.

It looks like Yamaha have listened, well, kind off, and have put some wings on their R1 machine, albeit a very limited run of them and ones that shouldn’t really be seen out on the road.

Honestly, we love the wings, and wish the production bikes had them.

Just recently, Yamaha Europe joined with the Yamaha Austria Racing Team and unveiled the MotoGP edition YZF-R1 Petronas replica. This special superbike is a limited edition, only 46 units will be made available – 46 hey, wonder if that’s a sign to come from the Petronas Yamaha team?

Each bike gets a unique identity number and excluding VAT the price of YZF-R1 Petronas at 46,000 Euro (+/- R920k). The company offers to buyers some special things like KYT helmet, Yamaha SRT polo shirt, and opportunity to get a VIP guest role pass for MotoGP race.

What a beauty!

The Yamaha R1 Petronas MotoGP edition has the same design as the MotoGP YZR-M1, featuring Genuine Yamaha Technology for Racing (GYTR) carbon fairing kit, MotoGP winglets, racing footrests, and dual-tone livery.

The bike also sports a sloping fuel tank, a stepped-up seat, a raised screen, golden-coloured forks and an all-LED setup for lighting.

It also comes equipped with Brembo-sourced disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels along with dual-channel ABS.

The suspension duties are handled by Ohlins-sourced race suspension, including the FGRT 2 forks on the front and a TTX rear shocker.

It also gets a race-specific steering damper, ECU, quick action throttle, and Michelin tyres.

In addition to the motorcycle, every customer will receive an exclusive package containing a KYT helmet, a Petronas Yamaha SRT polo shirt, and an opportunity to get a VIP guest pass for any MotoGP round of their choice.

The first two owners have already taken delivery of their machines… lucky bastards!

The first two owners taking delivery.