Track-Daze: By Magi Rabi
August 30, 2020 Off

Track-Daze: By Magi Rabi

By MRWadmin

Hi Rob,
So I saw your post on Facebook and wanted to tell my short story.
I started riding at the end of 2017 with a Ninja 300. Buying a bike was the best decision I ever made..! About June of 2018, my brother got me the GSXR1000.. Was just too awesome! I wanted to get on the track on the 300 already but just never got my ass into gear and got to it. When I got the 1000 I figured I should get used to it first so didn’t get to it right away either. I tried drag racing (thanks to my brother – he’s pretty awesome) which really helped a lot. Had a little fall on my way to work June last year, but when I got back on the bike 6 weeks later I told my brother it’s time for track, we had been talking about it for so long.. Track Daze had an event in October at Phakisa and they were awesome, learned how little I know about riding a bike. Made it to their next one end of Jan but then COVID happened and ruined the year a bit for everyone, am now busy with a divorce and sorting some stuff out which means I won’t be able to get on a track for the rest of the year but next year January I will definitely get into track riding properly. Simply because it’s pure happiness!! I am very lucky to have a brother who’s been helping me all the way. I have sooo much to learn but I can’t wait to get to it! My only regret is not starting sooner, but I suppose better late than never..! (Also figured seeing as I can’t get on a track for the rest of this year I should learn how to wheelie, I’ve been too scared but I think it’s time – any tips will help! Just want to know that I can do it lol.)
Followed you with Ridefast but will definitely keep following on Facebook with Moto Rider World, big fan! 

Track pics by Beam Productions