My New Flame
August 30, 2020 Off

My New Flame

By MRWadmin

My obsession with a particular “orange” brand dates back a few years now. Humble beginnings on a 390, 33K KM’s of pure fun and plenty real world experience that would sky rocket my riding ability.

I’ll admit I have a problem when it comes to motorcycles, people say “admitting” this is the 1st step to recovery, but actually its more a cash flow problem, bikes are not the issue here. ?

Always searching, never able to fill the empty void that that grows as each new year brings the latest in 2 wheel tech! BUT recently a gumtree add caught my eye, my soul and corrupted my bank account.

For sale:2020 SDR, 576KM’s, aftermarket mods (surprisingly to my taste) at a lockdown price.

I contacted the owner, we met and agreed on a price without too much fuss other than his reluctance to actually let it go for a week or 2, can’t blame him either- I now own or am going to get owned by The Beast.

A quick stop at KTM Cape Town to meet with Riaan and Luca, the bike was licensed, registered and a “handover” was done. Bear in mind this bike was bought “second hand”. Honesty these guys didn’t have to but went the extra mile to make sure the brand experience was felt, now I feel obliged to spend more money there. Thank you KTM Cape Town! Also a shout out to Jannie Krynuaw and the Quicksure team for same-day insurance at ridiculous rates that include track cover.

I’m not the biggest guy, 1.73 and 70KG’s, it was probably a good thing the bike was limited to 7K revs until after its run in period. Immediately the bike felt comfortable without any ergonomic set up (check out Dave moss tuning on youtube- it will change your life). Riding position felt sat in the bike and bars fairly close without having to lye down over the tank and my feet touched the ground- only just but if Dani Pedrosa can do it so can i! Who knew the beast could be mounted by a hobbit-truly and unexpected journey. Let’s Go #BB33!!!!

Man, from go the acceleration was a smooth, constant surge using the auto blipper (up and down) to kick through the gears. 6th and a feeble 150KPH happened pretty quick and honestly didn’t feel that fast-this is going to be a serious problem when the Superduke is able to use 100% revs. Rolling off the throttle was even better,WTF- I never thought going slow could be as fun. The bang, bang, bang from the AR system-“aural” pleasure, possibly not the kind you’re thinking of, so let me explain. Its like a string of big tom thumbs going off on Guy Fawkes. It’s obnoxiously loud and lane splitting home along the Table mountain has never been easier, the sound of Armageddon between your legs will get you noticed! “oh look, a Skyline GTR, well mine’s bigger (louder and faster) than yours so can just stand next to me and shrink”

For the most part, traffic kept my ego in check, that and the fact that I was partially aroused, if you thought blue pills are magic, orange is a fireworks show of note!!!! But let’s not forget this is just foreplay, best take it slow and treat her with respect.

BRAKES!!!! Safely home, with just under 400KM’s to go until I unleash 1290CC’s of pure Austrian brutality on the Capes roads!

Rained out for the next 4 days she lies, tucked away, warm but lonely, missing my gentle touch. While my patience levels are decimated, I’m irate, short tempered and have 99 problems but a beast ain’t 1…..

See you for the run in service, where we’ll get her set up and ready to dance.

Stay loose,