Matteo Armoed, aka Little Rossi
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Matteo Armoed, aka Little Rossi

By MRWadmin

Matteo’s love for riding motorcycles started at the tender age of four.

A year later, after attending the bike festival at Kyalami Racetrack, he eagerly joined the Titan Bikes team to train for short circuit racing.

Matteo then managed to compete in his first race a few months later on the 3rd of November 2018 and has since fully started racing for the 2020 short circuit racing calendar. 

He is also part of the Motor-Kids Junior Rider Development programme to start training and racing in the MX and Off-Road Class.

One of Matteo’s greatest dreams and ambition is to one day become a MotoGP Rider with the likes of Valentino Rossi, Marco Simoncelli, Andrea Dovizioso, Jorge Lorenzo and our very own Brad Binder from South Africa.

Matteo has been competing in the short Circuit and this is his results for this year in the short circuit series. On the 29th August was his first time in the SM50 class and he managed to finish 6th Overall.

Short Circuit results 2020 (so far)

VTown – 2nd Mini Moto Stock

Zwartkops – 4rd MMPW Stock/6th SM50

MotoKids Results – Off-road Results 2019

Dirt Bronco 2nd June – 3rd In Enduro & 8th In Motocross

Dirt bronco 28 July – 3rd In Enduro & 1st In Motocross

Dirt Bronco October 2019 – 4th In Enduro & 4th In Motocross

Off-road Results 2020

Dirt Bronco 15 March 2020 – 2nd In Enduro & 3rd In Motocross