IMI in the Cape
August 30, 2020 Off

IMI in the Cape

By MRWadmin

Hi Rob, firstly, congrats on your bold move out yonder!!!!

We’ve never met but I wanted to introduce myself and get our exciting new venture on the map as your timing is perfect as we are about to open the new Western Cape Branch of Italian Motorcycle Importers (Pty) Limited in Cape Town. After a few long years, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi will once again be making their presence felt down South as we open up our new Lifestyle Centre here in Milnerton, Cape Town.

I chatted to Jon Isherwood of the Johannesburg outlet this morning and mentioned that I’d seen your post on Facebook and wanted to reach out to you, and he was excited at this idea as they do know you already and it would be great if our extended presence in Cape Town could be made known on a broader platform – which you certainly have!

Long story short, we are opening in 2 weeks in Koeberg Road, Milnerton (actual date in September 2020 not yet finalized as we are waiting for the completion of renovations and the arrival of our stock) and are presenting what we hope will be a true first in the Cape.

It’s a lifestyle center which, apart from the obvious new bike retail, will also be offering used bikes of all brands (It’s Not What you ride, it’s THAT you ride), as well as Italian apparel as per our Johannesburg outlet, comprising Style Martin, Bonamici Racing and Suomi helmets. We will also have a full-service workshop – not only catering once again for the Aprilia and Moto Guzzi faithful of the Western Cape but extending service offerings to other brands of bikes as well.

We’ll also be creating a homely atmosphere with big screen TVs for Moto GG and SBK viewing AND are opening a full Italian Pizzeria food house and coffee shop 7 days a week!!!

In short, it’s a one-stop-shop for bikers of all persuasions and brands to visit, feel at home, gather for outrides, return for a social debrief, and some good food, coffee, bike orientated motorsport – all under one roof. Although our look and feel will certainly embody our Italian heritage, ALL bikers are going to be made at home here – and our ease of access to the West Coast R27, N7, N1, and N2 major arterials means that no one in Cape Town has an excuse to not pay us a visit.

I hope you can find a way to include us in your Fan Zone Section, and we certainly look forward to a visit from you when you next visit the Cape.


Dave Eastment