Development training in PE
September 7, 2020 Off

Development training in PE

By MRWadmin

By Lucille Elliot

Our Development Riders are extremely excited to return to the track and can’t wait for their first race, post-Corona.

During the lockdown, we had 3 months of no training, but then Aldo Scribante Racetrack was registered as a testing site, so our Honda NSF100cc squad and our CBR 150cc riders had the privilege of days of testing on “the big circuit”.
The riders were fortunate to have riders of the quality of Bert Jonker, assisting with showing the lines on his brand new BMW RR. (I had no idea that the BM could ride so slowly and the image of a tiny blonde girl on an NSF100cc slipstreaming the RR down the main straight at Aldo Scribante will live with me forever.)

A couple of weekends ago, we returned to the short circuit at Celso Scribante Racetrack for a testing session and were pleased to see that none of our riders have lost any of their skills.

2021 is looking good with the last of our MiniMoto riders upgrading to NSF 100cc and two of our NSF 100cc riders already testing on CBR 150s.
Our NSF Riders are a diverse group with one young lady, aforesaid, tiny blonde, three riders from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, and two petrol heads from the suburbs.

We will be scouting for a new batch of MiniMoto riders for 2021.

The PECBR Development Programme is a collaboration of like-minded motorsport enthusiasts, starting with Honda and SAMRA who lease us the motorcycles, to MSA that offers their support and guidance, as well as the Algoa Motorsport Club who initiated the programme in Port Elizabeth, and some die-hard motorcycle racers, including Richard Hawkins; Mac Burrows and Glen Elliott who enjoy passing on their passion to the youngest generation.
The riders’ parents are all involved as well, as nobody is a passenger on this train.

We are also grateful to Jeff Latham, our adopted photographer, who graciously attends and documents our events.